Are there any nationalities of clients you will not accept bookings from?

No, all clients are welcome, regardless of their origin.  As long as you are clean, presentable and well mannered, we welcome your booking.

If i wish to see 2 ladies, can I choose from the ladies on the site?

To ensure your booking goes smoothly, if you wish to see a duo, we suggest you choose from the duo's listed on the site, as opposed to choosing 2 unpaired ladies.

Can I request the lady dress a certain way?

Certainly and as long as the lady has the items in her wardrobe she will do her utmost best to do this.

Can I see unblurred photo's of any of the ladies?

No, or else they would be on the site already.  Ladies that choose to blur their eyes do so for their own reasons and you should respect this.

I've arranged for one of your ladies to visit me at my hotel, will the reception stop her?

No, all of our ladies arrive discreetly dressed and as if they belong at that hotel, so you do not need to worry about them being stopped by reception.  Equally if you bump into a colleague or friend whilst out, you can be assured the lady of your choice will handle herself confidently without fear of placing you in a bad light.

I would like to bring a gift to the lady, would this be acceptable?

Gifts are always welcome by the ladies, if you would like to do this and are in need of inspiration, please ask me as I know all the ladies well and will be able to suggest things.

This will be my first time with an escort and I'm very nervous!

Please rest assured you are in safe hands with whichever of the ladies you choose to see.  All of our ladies will take things at whatever pace you want and as they see best.    Our advice to you is to treat it like a date, except there are no strings attached!

Are tips expected on top of the lady's fee?

Absolutely not.  If you choose to, then it will be graciously accepted, although never expected.

Why do I have to give my full name for a booking?

If you have requested a lady to visit you at your home, we will require your full name, address and the landline number.  This is purely for verification purposes and no other reason.  If for any reason we are unable to verify your home address due to it being unlisted, we reserve the right to turn the booking down unless you are able to visit the lady or organise a hotel.

If you have requested a lady to visit your hotel, we will need to verify you are actually there by speaking to you in the room.

I would like to make a booking for a certain time but according to your opening hours, you will be closed.  How can I arrange this?

Out of hours bookings are welcome, such as on Sundays or from 9am, but must be arranged during opening hours.

How can I know what to expect from the lady?

All the ladies offer a girlfriend experience with some being more adventurous than others. All the ladies are escorts and services are listed on their individual profiles.

How can I make a booking?

To make a booking with any of the ladies, please email or telephone us with the details.

I would like to see one of your ladies abroad, is this possible?

International bookings are welcome from existing clients.  New clients need to use the agency first in London to establish a relationship with us.

I would like to see one of your ladies out of London, is this possible?

Certainly with sufficient notice.  Please be aware there will be a minimum booking plus travel expenses subject to your location.

Are fees negotiable?

No and please remember refusal often offends.

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